Southeast Hospital Statement

Southeast Hospital Statement
Parish President Pat Brister
Thursday, August 16, 2012
4:00 PM

After meeting with DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein today, I am encouraged that LaDHH will work with us to find a private entity to maintain most of the services now available at Southeast Hospital. Senator Donahue and Representatives Burns and Simon joined me in this meeting with the Secretary and his staff.

Given the interest that has already been demonstrated by the private sector, I am confident that a solution will be found to continue providing these critical services. Secretary Greenstein feels there will be time to accomplish this before the end of June. The state will continue to maintain the facility in the interim period.

The state will move 94 intermediate care beds for patients as previously announced.

The impact on mental health care and jobs related to losing the intermediate care beds is not clear at this time. Over the coming weeks and months, St. Tammany Parish will continue to work to preserve as many related services and jobs as possible.